Our Areas of Practice

Family Law


Family Law cases include:

  • Divorce and Paternity 
    • Uncontested or Contested Divorces
  • Child Custody and Visitation Modifications 
    • Enlargement or Decrease of physical time with minor children 
    • Change from Joint Custody to Sole Custody
    • Enforcement of Visitation Orders
  • Child Support Modifications, Enforcement and Collections
  • Victim Protection Orders (VPO)
  • Guardianships

Military/Veteran Discount!

Military Law


Military Law cases include: 

  • Courts Martial 
  • Article 15 Hearings 
  • Article 32 Hearings 
  • OSI Rights
  • Pre-Trial Confinement and Restrictions



Mediations are a perfect way to resolve minor conflicts without the larger expense of hiring an attorney!  Mediations include:

  • Small Claims Court
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Contracts
  • Property Disputes
  • Family Disputes